Welcome to Macintosh

May 3rd

I released a new version with some minor bug fixes and 3 new games

This page was created to obtain either 1) a person with an iPod willing to fill in the details I am missing or 2) preferably, get me an iPod as I can obtain much greater detail of its OS. I am missing a minor portion of its menu system and need someone/pod to fill in the blanks

Originally, I simply made the thumbwheel control for VB and intended on publishing only that, but I decided to make a demo program to show it off. So I made a few other look-alike controls like the battery indicator, scroll bar, and status bar. But the initial testers liked it so much I decided to go all the way and make the whole iPod.

The first thing I did, was scour over the iPod site harvesting screenshots to obtain the iPod's font. Some characters I couldn't find and made myself. But once this was done, I made the LCD control, and the exremely simple iPodMenu control, and shoved all the menus I knew of into it.

Then some idiot complained the form was to bland, despite the iPod being pure white as well so I gave it the shaded/bevelled edge look of a real iPod. One of my testers was disappointed at the lack of games, so I added 3 of the four (Solitaire, Brick and Parachute being the ones I made, Music Quiz was left out) I completed SOLITAIRE!, and Music Quiz will be implemented later once I figure out how to deal with it messing up the playlist

Yes I am aware the iPod on the left messes up on larger font settings. No I don't really care.

Oh, and the obligatory 'I have nothing whatsoever to do with Apple' disclaimer.